ReFresH is all about hip-hop. Whether it's taking it down to the underground street level bboying, or hitting up the latest styles of choreographed hip-hop, you'll find it somewhere within ReFresH. We hope to inspire you to seek a passion for the beat, just as we are continually inspired by those around us.

Time to get jiggy on this nice sunny day! Check out ReFresH alum Hahnbi Sun’s choreo!

Check out what the Funky Nomadz were up to last Saturday!

Hope everyone’s been enjoying their Spring Breaks! 

Check out the OG Cypher from when they came to town two weeks ago!


Nelson Chen - “After Tonight” [Freestyle]

Check out our artistic director doing what he does best!

Happy end of the quarter! For those of you who have finals today, in this beautiful but cold spring day, at the absolute last time slot… hang in there! YOU GOT THIS!

Anyways, as a little way to take a study break, or just enjoy if you’re done already, we have Jisoo and Sarah’s Tuesday class from this quarter. 

We know, you miss Drag Show already just as much as we do. Here’s where some of the magic began. 

Have a great spring break everyone! Can’t wait to see you all again next quarter!

ReFresH Dance Crew @ NU Drag Show 2013

Check out the men of RFH twerkin’ it yesterday at the annual Drag Show!


ReFresH @ Drag Show 2013. 

Comin atcha.

Happy Friday ReFresH! Today we’ve got Benedict Dungca’s choreography from one of this quarter’s Tuesday classes!

Sorry for the glitching! My (Jolo) computer isn’t meant to handle this much editing, but I’ll try to keep them as clean as possible!

Party hard! =D

Throwback Thursday: ReFresH Origins

We asked former RFH ‘s first ever manager Valerie Hwang about RFH’s origins, and this is what she had to say:

ReFresH was started fall quarter 2005 when Matt Chia decided he wanted to start a group for people interested in learning breaking. I happened to be in the same dorm and was interested, so I have been there pretty much since the get go. Other than that, I believe we also had David Baylor, Alex Carter, Dennis Kwon, Kurt Qing. It was very much a breaking, freestyle oriented crew when we first started, especially the first quarter. We would casually freestyle, work on moves at Blomquist once or twice a week. It was very chill.

We didn’t envision at all what ReFresH would become when we started. We just wanted to practice and learn how to break, but after our performance at Celebrasia, it very quickly blew up into something much bigger and much more involved. We picked up more styles of hip hop, such as locking and popping - that was when Travis, Kevin, Dennis all came into the picture. Eventually, we got into hip hop choreography, but that took a while to develop. The most beautiful thing about it for me though, was the camaraderie formed amongst members. RfH was my family, and in some ways still is.

Today marks the start of a new month! We apologize for the lack of media material that we’ve been posting lately, but we’ll be doing our best to crank out videos regularly now!

From earlier this quarter, Jessica Yang’s Tuesday choreo class!

Stay warm everyone!